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Learning About Learning Centers

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Last night in the village where we live, we held another professional development session for preschool teachers. This week, we added children for part of the session so the teachers could have “hands-on,” authentic experiences. They created learning centers each highlighting 1 of the 25 goals for preschoolers’ development from the Inspire Early Learning Program. For a first run, the night was a smashing success.

Learning centers are a new concept for this area, and the teachers’ enthusiasm is contagious. More than that, the preschoolers had a great time, worked on small and large muscles (motor skills) and had a sensory experience.

Working with other-culture people sometimes pushes us toward finding what is different, but we also see as we live life alongside our Nubian friends that we all want our children to learn, to be happy, to have opportunities. So thankful.

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