EduCAN PROFESSIONAL provides creative, innovative workshops, keynotes, and customized consultations for organizations and groups who desire to equip their teams well for daily work life and evolving global challenges.

Workshop topics include: Becoming a Learning Organization, The Psychology of Teams, Innovation and Diversity, Leading Together, Communities of Practice, Professional Development for Teams, The Ladder of Inference, Languaculture, and more.


Pam Morton, MSIOP (2023), directs the PROFESSIONAL program at EduCAN. She will earn her Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue Global University (West Lafayette, Indiana) in Spring 2023. Pam has co-owned and operated Daises in the Rain Publishing Company (1999-2006) and Music Precedent, Ltd. (1997-Present), and has served as an officer of EduCAN Development Corporation (2009-Present). She has lived and worked with organizations and teams in the United States, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and Israel.

She currently resides with John, her husband, on Cyprus and conducts EduCAN PROFESSIONAL seminars and keynotes internationally. She is known for her creative communication style, humor, care, and professionalism when working with clients. She truly does want you to have the best, thriving working environment possible for everyone on your team.

Join us in making a difference for international educators.