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Strategies for Accelerating Language Learning (or Any Learning)

Here are 10 research-based strategies for accelerating language learning or any type of learning. 1  |  Determine what is worth practicing (Marzano, et al., 2001). As we all know, practice takes a lot of time and consumes significant effort. For that reason we don’t have time to practice everything to the “mastery” level. For some

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EduCAN - Learning Centers

Learning About Learning Centers

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Last night in the village where we live, we held another professional development session for preschool teachers. This week, we added children for part of the session so the teachers could have “hands-on,” authentic experiences. They created learning centers each highlighting 1 of the 25 goals for preschoolers’ development from the Inspire Early Learning Program.

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EduCAN Inspire StoryTime

Inspire: Launching the Pilot

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Remember what started this whole adventure in creating the Inspire Early Learning Program? It’s true that necessity is the mother of invention! One of EduCAN’s primary guiding principles is to practice sustainable development. If that phrase is new to you, one of the things it means is doing development in a way that will outlive your direct involvement.

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Lets get to work

What is Inspire?

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Okay, here we go…let’s get to writing! The Overview To give this program shape, I have to answer the question, “What is the Inspire Early Learning Program?” Basically, it’s a simple introduction to the principles of early childhood development. It’s an accessible approach to providing quality and meaningful learning experiences for young children. Consider it

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Inspire Early Learning Program — 5 Areas of Development

The Inspire Early Learning Program Is Born

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I don’t think “a preschool program for villages” makes a very good title. I thumb through my mental thesaurus for single words that have a positive connotation for education. As I think of each one, I immediately do a Google search to see it’s taken. Of course it’s taken—it’s a great word! This happens over

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Village near Aswan

“We need a preschool program for villages”

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Pam, my wife, and I live in Aswan, Egypt in a small Nubian village along the Nile. I am privileged to serve on the board of a local organization that does community development. As we sat in the board meeting, the director said, “We need a preschool program for villages.”

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