3 Strategies That Increase Achievement

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3 Strategies That Increase Achievement

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I had the pleasure of leading a workshop at one of Khartoum’s most effective international schools, STEPS, in Omdurman. For three hours, we discussed and worked through three main classroom strategies that increase achievement. We also sprinkled in 8 “bonus” strategies along the way. Most of the strategies were used in the presentation, so we not only presented them but experienced them as well.

The 3 main strategies included…

  • See, Say, & Do
  • 1-2-3
  • 100% Response (Triangle, Circle, Square)

The 8 bonus strategies…

  • Think Aloud
  • Modeling
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Make it visual!
  • Make it social!
  • (small group interaction)
  • Fruit Salad or Mixed Grill? (de-compartmentalize the learning)
  • “Think your way to understanding” rather than “Memorize your way to knowing”
  • It’s About the Application

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